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Here are 5 more authentic arrowheads from northern California.  These points
show all of the ancient, skilled knappers' intentions.  The pattern held in
common by all the different knappers is clearly seen in these arrowheads.  
From the needle point tips, to the serrated blade edges, to the wide and deep
base notches; the design was clearly followed in the knapping of each one of
these points.  Each of these obsidian arrowheads has some part broken away,
yet when you look at all of them in total, you can see the plan was closely and
carefully adhered to.
This Gunther arrowhead shows the classic design characteristics of the Gunther which have
made it a favorite with both collectors of ancient projectile points and modern flint knappers
who are challenged to make similar points.  Several modern knappers make and sell what
they call "Gunther" arrowheads; however, there is not a lot of information on what exactly
was the Gunther style point, or the Rogue or the Wintu or the Calapooya or the other
arrowhead types which may be similar to or related to the Gunther.  By bringing together
ancient, authentic arrowheads from his own collection, from other reputable sources with
provenance to old regional collections and from other collectors known to the author, the
author has been assembling a data set to help establish an extensive visual catalog of the
characteristics of these intriguing arrowheads and a reality-based point of reference to provide
evidence of the ancient knappers' techniques and processes utilized in their creation.
Authentic arrowheads from northern California, variations on the Gunther style.
Ancient and authentic Gunther style arrowhead, from northern California.
Ancient and authentic Gunther style arrowhead, from northern California.
How To Make Your Own "Gunther" Style
by F. Scott Crawford
Carrollton, Texas
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F. Scott Crawford
Carrollton, Texas
Welcome to Arrowhead-Maker.com.  At this new web site we will explore the creation of stone arrowheads.
Our initial focus is on an intriguing arrowhead style made in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  It is
called the Gunther point.  This arrowhead style is famous for its dramatic, sweeping, wing-like, barbed design.  
Some varieties also feature wicked looking serrated edges.  In either variation, this point is both delicate and
deadly.  It is a favorite of collectors of authentic arrowheads, and it is a favorite and challenging style to work
on for modern "flint knappers".  Our objective is to review and show an interpretation of how the Gunther
style arrowheads could have been made in the past and how you can make this arrowhead today.
Ancient, authentic Wintu style arrowheads, from northern California.  The base notching is different from the Gunther arrowheads.
What's A Wintu Arrowhead?
Very similar to the Gunther, the primary
difference seen in the Wintu style point is in
the design of the notches, which changes
the shape of the tang, which is the part of
the arrowhead which facilitates binding the
point to the arrow shaft.