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F. Scott Crawford
Carrollton, Texas
Welcome to  At this new web site we will explore the creation of stone arrowheads.
Our initial focus is on an intriguing arrowhead style made in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  It is
called the Gunther point.  This arrowhead style is famous for its dramatic, sweeping, wing-like, barbed design.  
Some varieties also feature wicked looking serrated edges.  In either variation, this point is both delicate and
deadly.  It is a favorite of collectors of authentic arrowheads, and it is a favorite and challenging style to work
on for modern "flint knappers".  Our objective is to review and show an interpretation of how the Gunther
style arrowheads could have been made in the past and how you can make this arrowhead today.
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Tribute style arrowhead--2007 AD--made of Edwards Plateau Flint from Texas
Tribute style arrowhead--2007 AD--made of Edwards Plateau Flint from Texas
Copper-tipped pressure flaker used on Keokuk Chert from Oklahoma--2008 AD
Pressure flaking scars on one side of a Keokuk chert arrowhead in the knapping process--2008 AD
Arrowheads start as chips off the old block ... obsidian chips in this case.
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